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Today You are going to learn 131 working methods to increase website traffic fast and for free.

These are very simple techniques that YOU can use right now

1. Write a Roundup Post To Quickly Grow your traffic

2. Interview Experts in Your Niche to get free brand awareness

3. FREE Twitter Traffic

4. Create a Facebook Page to Drive Free Traffic

5. Create an Infographic and Get tons of Shares and Backlinks

6. Create a .pdf Cheatsheet to grow your email list

7. Create a Memorable Domain So that people can remember your site name.

8. Produce Videos on YouTube and Double Your Traffic and Brand Awareness

9. Optimize your YouTube videos with searchable keywords and Get Free Views [Copy My Template]

10. Add video responses to YouTube videos and Increase your channel authority

11. Syndicate/Cross Post your Videos with Buffer and Increase website traffic fast

13. Create Screenshot Video for fast video traffic

14. Write Guest Posts & Build Domain and Search Engine Authority

15. Build an Email List and Increase Sells

16. Use Squeeze Pages and Convert Your visitors into leads

17. Write a Free eBook and grow your traffic

18. Submit your eBooks to eBook directories

19. Set up an Autoresponder Email Series and Get Free

20. Create an Ecourse and give it for free

21. Create Epic Content [This is easier than you think ]

22. Give Away Free Stuff and Grow Your Fan Base

23. Submit Your Site to

24. Participate in forums and add a compelling message in your signature[It will also lower your bounce rate]

25. Become an active user on and Marketing your brand at ZERO cost

26. Use keywords in your title tags [This is very important]

27. Hold a Contest for Subscribers to Increase Readership

28. Retweet Contest and Get free twitter followers

29. Content Contest to get quality content:-

30. Traffic Contest An Easy Way to drive Traffic

31. Make your blog available on Kindle and Stand Out from the Crowd

32. Ezine Article A Great Way To Drive Traffic

33. Generate Free Traffic To YOUR Blog Using HubPages.

34. Install Whatsapp Share button on Your blog

35. Install the Alexa toolbar on your browser

36. Install Social Sharing Plugins To Increase Social media Traffic

37. Set up a Facebook business page

38. Participate in and/or create Facebook groups

39. Set up events on Facebook

40. Take advantage of Mobile Traffic

41. Install a Forum and Keep your visitors busy

42. Post Links on highly visible Facebook Pages

43. Add your Site to Directories

44. Add your Blog to Blog Directories

45. Build Links with Other Webmasters

46. Do Ad Swaps with Other People in Your Niche

47. Submit Press Releases

48. Find JV Partners

49. Conduct Proper Keyword Research To rank faster

50. Use Google AdWords To attract Buyer Traffic

51. Take Advantage of Facebook Ads

52. Ads -Another Cheap Way to Drive Traffic

53. Upload your power-point presentations onto

54. Post-training on Skillshare

55. Do video interviews of influential people in your industry

56. Join a tribe such as

57. Set your business up with Google Places

58. Purchase Ads on a Website

59. Paid Site Review

60. Business Cards

61. Give out Swag with your URL>

62. Post Content on a Regular Basis

63. Start a Podcast

64. Ask People to Stumble Your Posts

65. Use mix Link Shortener

66. SocialAdr

67. Jarvee

68. Install a Facebook “Like” button

69. Link to your site in your Email Signature

70. Customize your 404 error page

71. Interlink your Pages

72. Emphasize your Popular Content

73. Solo Ads

74. Create a controversial (yet industry-related) post

75. Pay for advertisement — PPC, CPC, CPA, CPL … to name a few

76. Create a post “101 … “ on anything

77. Speed up your Website

78. Optimize your Images

79. Get Quality Website Hosting

80. Build Backlinks

81. Build Backlinks with Article Marketing

82. Distribute Your Articles

83. Use the Free Traffic System

84. Title Tag Optimization

85. Choose a Smart Domain

86. Add a translation widget to your site

87. Submit your Site to Search Engines

88. Network with Other Bloggers in Your Niche

89. Install Google Analytics and Optimize Your Site

90. Comment on other blogs

91. Add your Blog to Technorati

92. Spy on Your Competitors Links

93. Encourage Active Commenting

94. Write about Twitter

95. Alltop

96. DMOZ

97. Put Your Website Everywhere aka Guerrilla Marketing

98. Ask your Readers for Feedback To Improve Conversation:-

99. Track your Rank in the Search Engines and measure your success

100. Do not install ads above the fold or show fewer ads to avoid Fred

101. Page Rank Cafe

102. How to Get US Traffic To My Website

103. Learn to be a part of the community

104. Making relevant comments and going through bloggers posts

105. Help beginners and encourage them with tactics

106. Share your knowledge and case studies

107. Be a friend and help them grow.

108. Go with quality any day of the week which can solve practical obstacles:

109. Be consistent and provide practically feasible guides:

110. Analyze the user interest and proceed:

111. Arrange giveaways:

112. Be tactical and put sign up boxes to increase email list:

113. Send them emails on a regular basis and use tools to convert the visitors into customers:

114. Writing posts which can bring maximum traffic

115. Interview big guns of particular niche:

116. Review the products from big brands:

117. Making use of curiosity and converting the visitor to the subscriber:

118. Mixing the essence of curiosity inside the post with storytelling format:

119. Catchy headlines matter too:

120. Smart ON Page Seo-

121. –

122. LeadSleep-

123. YouTube short Video

124. FREE Traffic Source

125. Traffic

126. FREE Traffic Source

127. Post your content to the Top Tutorial Sites online.

128. IBotoolbox

Thank You

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